Ultraman Zero
Ultraman Zero Profile1
"You have people to protect, and a place to call home!"
Kanji ウルトラマンゼロ
Romaji Urutoraman Zero
Aliases Unknown
Species Alien (Ultraman)
Gender Male
Voiced by Mamoru Miyano
Debut Episode Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 1


Ultraman Zero is the first guest character that appeared in the Phantasmagoric Arc (barring some of the returning characters at the top of the episode). He and his UFZ teammates showed up when Wooser was wandering around space inside of the Mecha-Wooser's escape pod after being rescued from a life-threatening battle.


Ultraman Zero is from the Ultraman Franchise starting with the movie, "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie". He was on a quest for redemption after being exiled from the Land of Light.


  • This is one of the guest characters of the Wooser franchise that were also voiced by Mamoru Miyano.
  • There are action figures of him and his UFZ members in the room where Wooser and his friends were reunited in Wooser's home.