Kanji Ruちゃん
Romaji Ru-chan
Aliases Unknown
Species Robot
Gender Non-Binary
Voiced by None
Debut Episode Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 5
Ru-chan is a circular robot that appeared in Oshirase Wooser's room. They noted her that they would like to stand out more as well, just like their close companion, Miss Monochrome.


Ru-chan is from the "Miss Monochrome" anime franchise. They were alongside Monochrome since the start of her series after her origin story and they have been there for Monochrome ever since she was scammed for her entire fortune by a con artist that turned on her for a top idol.


  • Ru-chan is based on the real life vacuum cleaning robots called "Roombas". Some models also mow lawns for outdoor cleaning.

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