"I'm super nervous being on TV, Aren't you?"
Kanji りん
Romaji Rin
Species Human
Gender Female
Voiced by Minori Ozawa
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 1


One of the pair that took Wooser in to her and Len's residence since their younger years. She often is the straight man to Wooser normally for his behavior and antics whenever Darth Wooser isn't.


Alongside Len, Rin happens to be the survivor of a tragic accident that killed both of her parents. Wooser took her and her sister in after rescuing them and became a parental figure alongside Darth Wooser (mostly on the latter's part).


Rin is the calm and more collected person out of her sister Len and her friends. She lets Wooser and the others freeload as her roommates, despite them being exactly like family to her as well.


  • Rin is the only girl of the franchise to have her three sizes revealed as of Season One, Episode 6. (B73-W56-H84)

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