Kirishima Profile Pic 1
"You said you wanted help, so I'm here to help!"
Kanji キリシマ
Romaji Kirishima
Aliases Unknown
Species Plush Toy (Teddy Bear)
Gender Female
Voiced by Yumi Uchiyama
Debut Episode Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 6
Kirishima is a guest character that debuted in Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 6 where she was tasked to help Wooser create his first movie after being noted that she had been on the silver screen before. She is a "family friend" to Wooser because their respective shows happen to be developed by the same animation studio (Sanzigen).


Kirishima is originally from the "Arpeggio of the Blue Steel" franchise, where she was also one of the Mental Model Androids in the series originally.