Darth Wooser MK-II
Darth Wooser MK-II Profile Pic
"You're enjoying wasting your time on nothing productive at all, aren't you, loser?"
Kanji Unknown
Romaji Unknown
Aliases Darth Wooser Mark II
Species Unknown (Android)
Gender Male
Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya
Debut Episode Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 2


Darth Wooser MK-II is an android that Darth Wooser created in just two hours, mainly to diss Wooser and speak his mind about him and his slothful ways without having to self-destruct.


He is the much more colder and tough counterpart of Darth Wooser, as programmed by the latter. He also has a boss-like persona since after making Wooser submit to him and ends up being a cunning villain after he obtained a harrowing goal to put Darth Wooser out of business.