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"Aren't you nervous? Everybody from your old class at school is working. It's not too late."
Kanji あじぽん
Romaji Ajipon
Species Racoon
Gender Female
Voiced by Nana Mizuki (Starting from Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 4)
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 1


Ajipon is a racoon who happens to be the companion of Miho. She is one of the animals of the group that doesn't speak up until the Phantasmagoric Arc, but does tend to be a bit silly.


Not much is known about Ajipon aside of her silly demeanor, whom is shared with Miho on the long run. She's also not too careful, as displayed in some of the attacks of Wooser rampaging against the city inside of Mecha-Wooser.


  • Ajipon's name is loosely after a company named "Ajipo" that helped with the franchise and is also named after a character from the doujin band, Supercell as well as a condiment line.

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